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Orientation to First year students
               On 17thJune 2016 Department organize an Orientation program for I year B.Sc Electronics (AEC) and B.Sc Electronics Technology (AELT) students.
In this department introduces our department staff members and brief explanation about usage of various components and equipment in the lab.

Educational visit to “effe visit”
On 29thJune 2016, the department arranged an educational visit to “Efftronics” M.G road, Vijayawada and “efe LED’s” at Benz circle for DELT students.
 Effe is an LED lightning show room where different LED lights were displayed after visiting this show room students got clear idea about different color temperature of white light and appearance, different solid state luminous controlling of intensity of white light using mobile application. Ambience of white light model house lighting design
20 students of DELT took part in this which was led by Mr. B. Balaji Bhanu.


Seminar on “Hardware Networking and Ethical Hacking”
On 14thJuly 2016, the department arranged a seminar on Hardware Networking and Ethical Hacking lectured by Guru Raj, NIIT, Vijayawada.
 II and III year (NEC, NELT, DELT, and DEC) students are participated in this seminar. In these seminar students got awareness regarding basic networking, network elements, and network topologies and networking types sharing of printer with in a network and they got clear idea about ethical hacking. Total 94 students were participating in this seminar.

Event- IV

Seminar on “Methodologies in Design of Embedded system”
On 19th July 2015, department of conducted workshop on Methodologies in Design of Embedded system by Mr. V.Govinda Rajulu managing director MICROLINK Peripherals; acted as resource person. In this workshop students learn about planning of designing a product splitting complete product in to different modules, modular design, choosing of proper circuit elements, circuit and voltage distribution programming and testing of product.
       Ninety four students of II and III B.Sc electronics were participating in this event

Event – V
Educational visit to “Doordarshan Kendra”
On 21thJuly 2016, the department conducted an educational visit to “Doordarshan Studio” M.G road, Vijayawada and “Broadcasting station” at Kondapalli.
          All the III year electronics (DEC) and electronics technology (DELT) students were took an active part in this visit. With this they aware about Recording room acoustics, Process of recording audio and video systems, Video cameras convert the picture into RGB colors found by the object it and finally convert the same into EM waves at Studio. TV tower, about 200 meters height, contains transmitter and antenna units also Audio frequencies and Video frequencies are fed simultaneously under different frequencies of band width and transmit the same through antenna tower at Transmitting station.

Event – VI
Workshop on Soldering Techniques
Department of Electronics conducted a two week training program for all 1st year B.Sc electronics students on Soldering Techniques on 7th July 2016 to 23rd July 2016.
      In this program me students had hands on experience on soldering technique, they learn about soldering tools required different types of soldering techniques of effective soldering use of flux, and learn about desoldering technique.
     100 students belong to both AEC & AEL section took part in this training program all over department faculty members played active role in this to 2 week training program

 Event – VII
Orientation on Project Report
On 23rd September 2015, department arranged a seminar on Project Methodology The resource person of the seminar was Dr. Ch. Srinivasu, Reader, Dept of Physics, ALC
  In this 3rd year Electronics (DEC, DEL) students were participated and they got an idea on various steps are involved in working on science projects & method of reporting after completion of project.

Event – VIII
Education visit to SHAR and NIPPO BATTERIES
Department of Electronics arranged an education visit to SatishDhawan Space Centre (SDSC), as SHAR is situated on an island off Sullurupeta - a small town in Nellore district, of the state Andhra Pradesh. On FEB 18thstudents of II B.Sc (NEC &NELT) section total of 40 are visited the plant.
The first launching pad is PSLV , it is a tall building, in which  a rocket is prepared with all its requirements and when it is launching  rocket, it moves 200 fts backwards  and the rockets moves to space, where everyone of us was awestruck.
And the second launching pad is GSLV, which  is made of advanced technology, it launches  the rocket, with all parts from the branches of Indian space research center.
     A third launching pad is under construction they gone through MCC i.e.  Machine control center where all the rockets are controlled.
Apart from SHAR, students went to NIPPO Batteries, which is located in Thada of Nellore district. There seen the manufacturing of batteries, various types in it and the material they used.

Event –  IX
Seminar on Internship
Department of Electronics arranged a Seminar on Internship program for final year electronics students (DEL) on 18th November 2016, by Dr. G.S.R garu ANDHRA LOYOLA COLLEGE

Event – X
Project EXPO
On 30th November 2016 Department of Electronics conducted exhibition with 16 exhibits all working models prepare by final year electronics students.
    Nearly 300 students and staff members were visited our exhibits. In this program 33 students of DEC sections were actively participated



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